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Brainy Baby is an online catalog of children's educational toys, games, flashcards, and videos.  The company was started by a frustrated father who had a difficult time finding quality toys and activities for his two young boys.  Originally a filmmaker and videographer, he taped a series of educational shows for small children and put them on DVD.  They are now for sale on the Brainy Baby website.  Brainy Baby has a downloadable catalog and is now offering its unique products at it's first kiosk location in North Point Mall in Alpharetta, Georgia.   

Brainy Baby's most unique items is their MP3 player/recorder which comes with a pre-loaded Brainy Baby CD.  You can add other pre-loaded CDs at the time of purchase and even record your own voice for your child to fall asleep.  This item is portable, lightweight, and hangs easily from a baby's crib or stroller. 

Brainy Baby: What makes it different?

You will find that Brainy Baby items are superior to many toys and games on the market because: 

  • they were developed by an actual parent who used the actual applications on his own children.
  • a downloadable catalog is made available to parents.
  • items are easily found based on the age of the child.
  • the costs of the products are very reasonable.
  • the company has begun selling their children's products at an actual physical location. 
  • the site has won more than 75 awards for its videos, toys, and educational products. 
  • the site offers a very unique child's MP3 player/recorder which will provide your child with hours of music and entertainment.
Brainy Baby vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Brainy Baby)

Brainy Baby is very similar to Baby Einstein in that both companies feature DVDs and CDs as their main products and also promote their other toys as being educational and fun for children. 

The main difference between these two companies is that products can be ordered directly from Brainy Baby but the Baby Einstein site will direct you to other sites such as Target, Walmart, or Amazon to purchase your items.  This requires more time and research into pricing - something new mothers do not have a great supply of.  Also, Baby Einstein does not carry any products similar to Brainy Baby's MP3 player/recorder.    

Wonder Brains is another child development toy and activity website.  It features many educational products but is geared mostly for older children with some products for the one-to-four year age range but with most for the five-to-eight year old age group.  

Brainy Baby: Pricing & packages

The Pricing for Brainy Baby is very reasonable with DVDs selling for $12.99 each or $99.99 for a set of ten.  Some videos are still availble at a truly astounding price of $0.99.  Baby Einstein DVDs are much more expensive, usually selling for between $15 and $16 dollars or a set of three for about $44.   Wonder Brains DVDs and CDS are priced at about $15 each and offer very little for infants and toddlers.

Brainy Baby's MP3 Player/Recorder is also a bargain at $59.98 plus shipping and handling. This truly unique baby product even comes with the option of purchasing pre-loaded CDs at an astounding price of $4 each.  A product like this one will be used by the child well into preschool. 

Brainy Baby: Product images & screenshots
Brainy Baby Coupons
Brainy Baby: Customer reviews & comments

Customer reviews on the site have been extremely positive with parents raving over the effect that these toys and interactive products have on their small children.  With reasonable pricing and easy access, these products can have a lasting effect on the minds of your little ones.  The following customers had these comments about Brainy Baby:

"Ok I have to say this is one of the best. I have a couple of the Baby Einstein DVD's for this age group and my son who is 28 months loves this Brainy Baby DVD. He'll look through all of our DVD's for it and pop it into the DVD player on his own and start watching it. He'll repeat about everything that they present like with the numbers, colors, and words "

Mommy of 2
Amazon Review

"The people at Brainy Baby has got it right AGAIN! They really know what they are doing because my 20 month old really loves all her BB DVDs especially this one on music. Though it's recommended for 2 yrs & up, she enjoyed it the moment it was introduced to her at 17 months. And till now, she's still not sick of it. I too, enjoy watching it, it's both entertaining & informative. 2 Thumbs Up!!"

Singapore Mom
Amazon Review

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