I have a 3yr old boy, clever and able, but wont cooperate with anything.Is this normal? Is there a way around it?

He breaks all of his toys, not by smashing them or even by being too rough, he just takes things off and when we try educational activities he just refuses to cooperate, like learning has a bad smell!

 Toy cars have their tyres removed (apparently to change them but they never go back on), build him a track circuit for his trains and he takes up bits of track, his aeroplane has its cargo door removed, rockets loose their cockpit canopy etc.In addition if we try to do any writing practice he just starts scribbling. The iPad app for tracing letters shows the directions to draw and cheers when you finish, but he goes the wrong way to hear the alarm. Ask him to count 4 items and he counts right through to 10. We know he can do these things if he just concentrates for a moment but he is just so contrary nine times out of ten.

I am less concerned about the toys, but the lack of concentration for learning does worry me and the whole package is as I said a bit frustrating.

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